Your swimming pool our concern

In addition to key management and interior care, La Casa Bonita also has adequate staff for pool maintenance. Do you have a holiday home with private pool or do you have plans to buy a holiday home with private pool. Then we can take care of the maintenance of your home / swimming pool.

Daily use (dander, sunscreen, leaves algae, deposits, sand, etc.) or no use of your swimming pool (leaves, sand, algae deposits on tiles) ensures that the water becomes clouded and dirty. As a result, the hygiene of your swimming pool is not good and therefore not good for your health. With professional materials we keep your swimming pool in optimal condition, and ensure that it remains pure, healthy and hygienic.

We clean your swimming pool 2 times a week in the summer because a lot of use is made of the pool and heat also affects the condition of the pool water, and 1 time per week in the winter because the use is minimal and the temperature is low. Furthermore, after each stay of you or any guests, the swimming pool will be checked.

The cost of maintenance depends on the size and depth of the pool and includes all materials needed to keep your pool in top condition such as chlorine, salt, flakes, test materials, etc. The costs for maintenance can be found in the diagram below.

Swimming pool maintenance costs

  • Swimming pool with maximum size 5 x 5 meters                                             €  85,00 per month
  • Swimming pool with maximum size 8 x 5 meters                                            € 100,00 per month
  • Swimming pool with dimensions larger than the above                                 € 125,00 per month
  • Start-up of the swimming pool on first use or after a long standstill           € 200.00 one-0ff

As mentioned in the description, the pool is also cleaned every time after the departure of you or your guests, this can be after we have already been 2 times that week, but that is an extra cleaning complementary.

If you have any questions or are interested in our service, please contact us via our email address We are also happy to help you on one of our telephone numbers 0031 655367068 or 0034 744705356

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